One of the most important parts of the daily operation of our salon is our atmosphere. Hair is treated and styled in a quiet environment. Loud talking and gossip are not tolerated and instead clients can use the time in the salon as a respite from their busy lives where they can be refreshed and inspired, clear their heads and engage in personal or professional planning.
At Natural Styles Beauty Salon we offer a wide variety of natural styles that you can enjoy whether you have natural or chemically treated hair. The variety of natural styles we offer falls into two categories:
Our Natural Services include those styles that solely require a client’s natural hair. Our Transitory or Extension Services include those styles that involve the addition of volume or length to your natural or chemically treated hair using a variety of extensions.
Our Natural Services Include:
  • Two-strand Twist
  • Comb Twist
  • Start-up Locks
  • Lock Maintenance
  • Lock Styling
  • Sista Locks
  • Corn Rows
  • Rope Twists
Our Transitory or Extension Services Include:
  • Twist Extensions
  • Lock Extensions
  • Corn row Extensions
  • Rope Twist Extensions
  • Shingles
Twist Roll
Multi Colored Dreadlocks
Twist Roll
Dreadlocks Small
Twist Roll
Dreadlocks - Bun
Rope Twist –Crisscross Yarn Extension - Crimp
Afro Kinky Twist Afro Kinky - Crisscross
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Natural Styles Beauty Salon
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